Homemade Beskuit (Rusks)


Rusks come in 300g packs (6 Rusks per pack).
Packs are £3.50 each but due to high demand and postage costs there is a 4 pack minimum order.

We have 4 different varieties of rusks!
1. Buttermilk Rusks
2. Oat-buttermilk Rusks (contains nuts)
3. All Bran Rusks
4, Muesli Rusks (contains nuts)

When ordering, you will receive 1 pack of each.

Koeksisters can also be added to your order for a discounted price. Just choose how many packs in the drop down menu below.

You will not be charged for postage at checkout as this is included into the price.
Once your order is shipped you will receive a tracking number. Due to the current situation, delivery can take up to 3-5 working days.

If you you would like to pre-order, please email maddaycraig@outlook.com or send a message to our Facebook page.

Contains Gluten

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