Homemade Koeksisters


Traditional South African Dessert.

Our Homemade Koeksisters are prepared to order by frying plaited dough strips in oil, then submersing the hot fried dough into ice cold sugar syrup. Koeksisters have a golden crunchy crust and liquid syrup centre, are very sticky and sweet.

The name comes from the Dutch koek (cake) and sissen (sizzle) – presumable a reference to the sizzling sound they make when being deep fried.

Koeksisters come in 120g packs (about 5-7 Koeksisters depending on size). Minimum order 4 packs. The more you order, the cheaper it gets!

Pack Size: 10cm x 15cm

Contains Gluten

NOTE: Only Koeksisters purchased with any of our Handmade Crafts, Curios & Street Art will be entitled to a discount code. If you purchase Koeksisters on their own and apply a discount code, your order will be cancelled.
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