Speciality Beskuit (Rusks)


Rusks come in 250g-300g packs (6 Rusks).
£2.50 per pack.

Malva Pudding Rusks are 150g-200g & £2.00 per pack (6 Rusks).

We have 4 different varieties of Speciality Rusks!

1. Black Cat Peanut Butter Rusks (contains nuts)
2. Condensed Milk Rusks  
3. Caramel & Banana Rusks
4. Malva Pudding Rusks 

Please make your selection from the drop-down menu below.

Koeksisters can also be added to your order. Just search Koeksisters in the Store.

Contains Gluten. Traces of nuts.
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Category Delights