Z4 African Beaded Statues Pair (Bulk Purchase)


African Statues - Hand carved from wood with Beadwork trim. Price quoted per pair. Mounted on a small wood base to keep the statue standing upright. These statues make a huge impact as table pieces at weddings and corporate functions. Can be custom made in any colour. Wood base can be branded. If you select this option you will receive a wide range of mixed bead work colours similar to all the African Beaded Statues in this category.

£7.90 per unit. Minimum order of 50 units apply to each item in this category. This item is pre-order only. Please allow at least 21 days for delivery. 

Average Size: (H)22cm x (W)10cm. Weight: 200g

For more information or to discuss purchase, please send an email to justatasteofafrica@outlook.com or call +44 (0)7940055256.