Just a Taste of Africa supplies of a vast range of authentic African products including beadwork, jewellery, telephone wire baskets, curio's, clothing & artefacts - if it's made in Africa we either stock it or we can source it. We import directly from  Durban, South Africa and supply the local market in England & Wales as well as export to most International destinations.


For more information on our products and pricing, you can hit the button below and Download a pdf of our Product Pricelist. Retail selling prices as well as bulk order prices are included.     


Just a Taste of Africa  is proud of our African Crafts heritage and we endeavour to sell the best quality goods available on the continent, however before you buy African products from us, you need to be realistic and have a clear understanding of the products you are buying. Handmade African products are not perfect, if you are looking for perfection then you may want purchase goods from another source.

We GUARANTEE you that if you buy any African handmade products from any other supplier anywhere in Africa you will find the same imperfections.
Basically what we are trying to say is that we are selling the highest quality handmade African crafts available - if you spend one Pound you will receive a product that is worth one Pound, and so on.

The best way to avoid refunds is for the buyer to have a clear understanding of handmade African products before you make the decision to purchase them. We offer a very limited refund policy especially with regard to International customers.

REFUND & RETURN POLICY: If you would like to return any goods please supply the following within 14 days of receipt of goods:
- the list of goods to be returned.
- reason for the return.
- clear photographs showing the fault of the product if applicable.

- This refund and return policy does not apply to any perishable goods. 
We will then validate this claim and authorise the return.  All goods must be returned in their original condition and all return costs are for the buyer. On receipt of the returned goods Just a Taste of Africa will issue a refund.


The following Disclaimer by Just a Taste of Africa is to all purchasers using our website whether you place an order via our Online Store or place an order by any other means. By placing an order with Just a Taste of Africa you as the purchaser certify that you have fully read and understood this disclaimer and accept the terms.

1. All products on this website are hand made in Africa and may contain minor imperfections in the tradition of African Hand Crafts.

2. When ordering products of the same type, no two products will be identical in look, size or weight however they will all be of the general theme advertised.

3. The image on the website may not be identical to the product you receive due to the nature of African Hand crafts however, you will receive products within the general theme advertised. All we are trying to explain here is that if you order a small wood carved giraffe facing in a left direction you may receive a small wood carved giraffe facing in a right / forward direction. There also may be color variations.

As the purchaser you have to have a realistic and clear understanding of the nature of African crafts - if you are looking for "perfection", "uniformity" then you are purchasing goods from the wrong business. There are numerous companies in the East who machine manufacture small African curios which are perfect / identical in size, color and weight and will more than likely be cheaper as well, this may well be an option if you are looking for perfection, uniformity.