For anyone entertaining guests or having a tea party this is the menu for you. Our South African Inspired Mini Menu comes with 8 different items to choose from (please see descriptions below).

Because all these items are intended to be served as finger food, on platters or buffet style, they are all bite size and have a minimum quantity order.    

You are not required to purchase every item on the menu, but we recommend at least 3 different varieties. This will provide a substantial selection for your guests.  


Click on the "ORDER NOW!" button & you will be taken directly to the Mini Menu product page in the store. Please allow up to 7 days for us to get your order ready & sent out to you.  


All items from the Mini Menu are based on weight. Once everything has been added to the basket, proceed to checkout & all the delivery options will become available.

For Example: Royal Mail will be for orders up to 2kg (Tracked 24 or Tracked 48). Anything over 2kg, up to 10kg will have a choice of tracked couriers to choose from.  

If you are close enough to collect, then please choose this option at checkout. We will be in touch to confirm a suitable collection date & time.


Good ol' melktert: The Afrikaans name for 'milk tart' 

A classic South African dessert consisting of a sweet pastry crust that is light and flakey. It is made to be served as an open crust filled with a mild & creamy custard of milk, condensed milk, sugar, eggs & vanilla extract. This mix is then set in a 8cm round pie tin and dusted with cinnamon.

Minimum quantities apply.


This open pie consists of pecan nuts mixed with a filling of eggs, butter, light & dark sugar, golden syrup & vanilla extract. These ingredients are baked together in an 8cm sweet pastry case that is light and flakey.

Minimum quantities apply.


Peppermint Crisp Tart is the ultimate in sweet indulgence. Luscious, whipped cream mixed with caramelised condensed milk, a crumbed Bakers Tennis Biscuit base and covered in grated peppermint crisp chocolate. These individual mini tarts come in 120ml containers with lids.

Please select First Class or UPS Tracked when ordering tarts.

Minimum quantities apply. 


Our Homemade Koeksisters are prepared to order by frying plaited dough strips in oil, then submersing the hot fried dough into ice cold sugar syrup. Koeksisters have a golden crunchy crust and liquid syrup centre, are very sticky and very sweet.

The amount of Koeksisters ordered will be packaged with extra sugar syrup and vacuum packed for extra freshness.

Minimum quantities apply.


All of our homemade Romany Creams are made with 100% raw desiccated coconut & organic cacao powder. When ordering Romany Creams, you will have 3 different flavours to choose from: Milk Choc, White Choc, Dark Choc.

Minimum quantities apply.


These bite size Rusks are twice-baked using our original buttermilk dough recipe. Once the Rusk dough has baked & cooled, it is then sliced into bite size pieces and baked again at a lower temperature until all the moisture has been driven off.

Minimum quantities apply. 


Traditionally, South African fudge does not have chocolate in it.

It has a slight crust on the top and sides, revealing a creamy interior. Granules of sugar are widespread with a deep texture and hints of browned butter & vanilla.

Minimum quantities apply.


These chocolate biscuit squares are a little slice of heaven!

Any South African will remember these being made growing up. With ingredients like unsalted butter, organic cocoa powder, icing sugar and Marie biscuits you just can’t go wrong.

Due to the high content of sugar with beaten eggs added to the mix, these chocolate squares are super rich & incredibly addictive.

Minimum quantities apply.


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