I would just like to give a big thank you to all of our new and returning customers! It has been just over a year since we started baking for you and all the feedback has just been out of this world. Your love for our products has given us the drive to try new recipes, always trying to stay one foot ahead of the game!

It has been a tough year for everybody and trying to keep up with the spirit of the festive season, we have created 6 different GIFT BOXES for you to send to friends and family. All GIFT BOXES come with their own personalised gift card & wrapped to your specific needs. All you need to do is let us know in the comment box at checkout. (Click on the image below to have a look at all GIFT BOXES)

If our GIFT BOXES are not to your liking, we have also created a CUSTOM GIFT BOX! Here you can add anything you want from the store and we will send it all wrapped up. (There are more details on CUSTOM GIFT BOX BELOW)

Unfortunately due to the pandemic, we are unable to replace any ‘SOLD OUT’ items in the store until we are able to ship from South Africa again. We do however have a wide variety of products that are still available to purchase, including all of our Homemade baked goods.

We have added a few new items to the list so please keep scrolling down and have a browse. If any of the products interests you, just click on the image and it will take you straight to that page with full details.


If you have any ideas or enquiries please use the contact form below. Thanks again for all the support and wonderful feedback! 

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Just a Taste of Africa is a fine art import business in the United Kingdom. Our main goal and objective are to provide authentic African Curios and artefacts to local businesses in the United Kingdom. We are based in Scotland but not only do we sell local, but to private consumers from all around the world as well. We have a wide range of products, from authentic African masks, sculptures and statues to handmade paintings, soapstone bowls and Jewellery. 

We have got quite good at making a variety of Koeksisters, flavoured sugar syrups & Rusks as well! You will be able to find all the different varieties in our store.

If you are in the market for anything coming from the South of Africa and we do not stock it, chances are we will be able to source and deliver it to your door.

Just a Taste of Africa, Providing the world with fine African Artefacts.

NOTE: All of our products are Authentic & Handmade so there will be slight variations in colors, Size & Design from the images displayed. 
Peanut Butter Rusks Click on image for more details
Regular/Large Koeksisters Click on image for more details
Koeksister/Rusk Variety box 4 Regular Koeksisters, 4 Large Koeksisters, 2 Buttermilk , 2 Muesli & 2 All Bran Rusks
Koeksister Pops Deep fried. Bite-sized. Filled with sugar syrup
Flavoured Sugar Syrups Aniseed, Rooibos, Plain, Coffee, Coconut, Vanilla
Four varities of Homemade Beskuit Click on image for more details
Vegan Koeksisters Click on image for more details
Beaded Keyring - Heart Handmade from African Beads by the rural men & woman of South Africa.